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The last three entries

  1. There is this young bookseller from the beautiful
    city Salzburg in the European country Austria and

    his name is Jacob.

    One day he suddenly found

    a message in a bottle.

  2. Inside this old bottle was

    a precious recipe.

    But only these three ingredients were still readable:

    potato, onion and egg.

  3. Jacob loved this idea of

    sharing a recipe.

    So he would like you to share your little culinary
    secrets and give the world a pure impression of

    your cooking habits.


There you go, fill in our lovely form!

Schleife Formnav_endimg
If there´s an exclamationmark "!" at one point in the navigation make sure you filled in the form correctly.

1 What’s really going on here

Here is where you enter the basic information of your recipe. By the way: This will not necessarily be your final entry. You forgot something? No problem! You can adapt every step on the preview page before you finally share your recipe with Jacob.


2 Add your tasty ingredients here

Press the "+/-" button to add or remove ingredients. You don’t need one of our three already selected ingredients? Just replace it by another one. Of course you can also split the ingredients in two or three courses by explaining the preparation step by step (3).

Give the world a pure impression of your country, your lifestyle and yourself

Jacob would love to find out more about your country and your traditions. Give him an impression by answering some of the following questions.

It´s up to you how many and which questions you choose!

Who are you and where are you from?
Tell Jacob something about yourself

Your e-mail address is optional and only the first letter of your last name will be shown online.